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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

When you own a business, your never off.

Good morning from a frigid Lansing.
Yesterday's high was all of 26. Too damn cold for this time of year. And the wind was nasty! But I managed with my new warm coat. :-)
Craig was awoken early, around 8am, by a phone call from the Salon. One of our stylists arrived at work to find a van parked near-by with it's motor running and no signs of anybody. Of course, our Salon opens before any of the other business in our mall, so there was no one else around.
She decided to investigate. (was that stupid?) She saw someone sleeping with a blanket. It creeped her out a bit to the point of calling me to see what she should do. She said she's seen that van a few different times, though not every day. I told her he was probably harmless, but if she was uncomfortable with him being there when she arrives to park in front of the Salon instead of in back like we usually do. And she could also call the police to have him checked out. After talking with me she decided he was probably okay, and she'd just park in front.
So we showered and stopped at the salon to find the van still there after over an hour. I told the staff if it was still there later, to call the police and have it checked out. Just sitting there running that long is kind of odd, and it can eat up the gas. I never got a call later, so he must have left.
Anyway, then it was off to Menard's to get an expandable ice scraper for the Kia they had on sale, and some light bulbs for above the kitchen sink. Then over to Meijer's for the weeks groceries.
Back home we pretty much took it easy. I did a little cleaning, but spent most of my time on the puter, reading blogs, and playing games. Craig did more book work. I don't know how he keeps up with all that stuff!
Then, Craig tried a new dish for dinner, Kung Pao Chicken.

It was really good! And easy! And of course, you can get the recipe over here. And of course, we watched the last season episode of Glee.
So another weekend over in a flash! And my weekend is 3 days! I don't know how you people that work 5 days do it! :-)


  1. Dinner looks great!
    The person might be homeless. Yes, it would be a lot of gas, but as cold as you have it, they would need to to keep warm.
    If you have no house, unemployment or disability would buy a lot of gas.
    And since your strip mall is mostly empty, no one to bother them. They probably didn't think about your salon even being open.
    I'd park out front, too!

  2. I feel bad for the van dweller.