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Monday, December 06, 2010

You look really good in the dark

Good evening.
Surprise! I'm doing an evening post!
Today has been cold and cloudy. A high of only 27. Yuk!
I got Craig up around 9, and we went to the Salon to drop off checks and make a list of stuff we needed at Sam's Club. Went to the bank, Post office, then out to Sam's. Picked up coffee and Windex for the Salon. Then to Meijers for more grocery supplies.
Back at home, Craig did more paper work and laundry, while I did almost nothing. :-)
I did put the faucet protectors on the out side faucets and closed off the water to the out side faucets. But most of the day I spent playing on the puter. :-)
And here's a pic of me modeling my new jacket. Garret got on my case for just posting a pic of the jacket. He doesn't realize it's like twisting arms to get Craig to take a pic. But I managed.
This coat is sooo warm! And damn! I look really good in this pic! And it's daylight!
And the reason for that comment is when we were at the cocktail party last Friday night, Craig at one point turned to me and said, "you look really good in the dark"..............................................
Okay, he hadn't had much to drink since he was the designator driver, but WTF!
I said "is it because you can't see all the wrinkles"? he said "No! That's not what I meant"!
I said sure.........ya right...............
It's a good thing we've been together all these years, because I know he meant I look really good with the bar lighting.
But don't we all? :-)
Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty low key.
Dinner was ham steaks, mashed potatoes and marinated broiled zucchini.
It was another good day.
And now I'm ....very ....very....tired.....bedtime......


  1. Lookin' good! Tell Craig to watch out, someone might just swoop you off your feet... wrinkles and all. {wink}

  2. I always say, "They all look the same in the dark or with a paper bag over their heads...."

  3. Haha.
    Coat looks great on you, bro. :)