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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

a birthday trip

Good morning.
My lack of posts means just one thing. A trip!
We left Sunday for Detroit, and the Greektown Casino Hotel.
The occasion?
Craig's really big birthday!
That's right! One of those 'milestone' birthdays.
He hit the really BIG 60!
So we splurged a little going for a corner room on the top floor of the hotel. That's 30 stories above the city with floor to ceiling windows on 2 sides.
I'm writing this as I let Craig sleep a bit longer before we head back to Lansing.
We had a great time! Ate way to much wonderful Greek food in Greektown. Actually won a little money, and really enjoyed our stay.
I'll post some pics later after we return home.


  1. Happy birthday Craig!

  2. Glad to hear his birthday was a success! :-)

  3. davidz3:45 AM

    Awww...Happy Birthday, Craig!