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Friday, January 21, 2011


Good morning.
Winter has taken us in it's frigid grasp. It's currently 11 our going for a high of 14. brrrrrrrr

We haven't gotten much snow, which is nice.
It's been a busy couple of days in the Salon, although today looks like I'll be done early. :-)
Not that it matters because I'll just come home and stay inside.
We've got our first puzzle about half done, and that'll probably be our entertainment for the weekend.
The Kia has sat in the garage since we brought it home last Friday. I don't think Craig will let me drive it until the snow is gone. :-\
And the weekend menu is looking like this.... Tonight, Boca burgers and oven fries, tomorrow, taco's, and Sunday, his tasty turkey rice casserole.
So, that's about all I have to say for now.
Have a great weekend!

Stay warm! :-)

ps, it seems I've lost my background. It's hosted on Photobucket and for some reason, I can't access any of my albums there either. I've sent an e-mail to determine the problem.


  1. The blog looks normal to me. The space looking background is there.

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I see the background too!

    MarkinQuartzsite :o)

  3. That's the way it was in Alaska, too. Whenever it got really cold, we never got snow. It had to warm up to snow.

    Keep warm and drink chicken broth or hot cocoa!

    I'm getting a way late start, but your blog looks normal to me, too, bro. :-)

  4. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Looks normal to me too. MarkinQuartsite's brother MikeinDallas