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Saturday, January 22, 2011

blah, blah, blah

Good morning.
Well, my background reappeared, and Photobucket didn't find any problems, so I guess it was just a temporary quirk. :-\
Weather wise it's all of 7 out right now. We're going to be in the single digits at night for the next several days. That's damn cold!
Work ended early yesterday, and I was fortunate enough that one of the other stylists had a break, so I was able to get my hair highlighted and cut. I feel much better now. :-)
I also ran over to GFS (Gordons Food Service) to pick up coffee creamer, gloves, toilet paper, and paper towels for the Salon.
Then over to Meijer's for weekend groceries, and home.
Worked on the puzzle, (over half done now) and nailed down another RV trip. We now have 6 confirmed and a 7th pending. Hoping for around 12-13 again this year.
And a busy day at the Salon today, then we get another weekend!
So that's it for now!


  1. As you know I recently landed a job that I haven't even started yet. I'm fantasizing about RV trips already. LOL.

  2. Mom said it's 7 in Muskegon, too. Have fun and stay warm!

  3. I loved the movie 'Beauty Shop'...I could be the guy handing out the donuts & coffee lol ;)