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Sunday, January 23, 2011

tech tip # 32764

Good morning.

I've just returned from cleaning the Salon.
With flurries nearly every day, the Salon was a mess!
And as you can see, It was a frozen -7 out when I went. The car groaned, but started right up. It never did get very warm by time I got there.
But the forecast looks like we'll bet back to 'normal' temps by early in the week. At least normal for Lansing.
The week ended on a busy note. So a good week over all. Got home around 2:30pm, and relaxed with cocktails and the puzzle. It's over 3/4th done. Should finish today. :-)

And now I'll finish the post I was going to do last week and forgot.
Twice a year, I back up important stuff on my puter. Mainly my pics, and my favorites list.
I would be lost if my puter died and I didn't have all my favorite web sites and blogs saved.
You can save them to a disk or flash drive.

First, you have to go to windows explorer, and find the files to save.


1. start,

2. all programs,

3. accessories,

4. windows explorer.
Now of course, I have windows xp. Other versions might be a little different.
After you open windows explorer, scroll to....

1. my computer,

2. local disk. Mine is C;

3. documents and settings,

4. me,

and there you'll see your 'favorite' folder.

Open your storage device, click and drag the folder to it to save.

Then do the same for your pics. I save mine in a folder under documents.

So follow the steps above to 'me', then click on the documents folder.Click and drag that to the storage device. Follow the same procedure for any other folders, and your stuff is no safe if your puter dies. :-)
And that's my tech tip of the day!

Now time for my shower.

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