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Monday, January 24, 2011

Bing? or Google Earth?

Good morning.
Another bitter cold morning, but a slight warm-up is on the way.
Yesterday was a non-productive day. For me anyway. Craig did his usual bookwork and laundry, and even made a tasty turkey/rice casserole for dinner.
Me, I managed to finish the puzzle. :-)

But that was pretty much it.
I spent the rest of the day playing on the puter and catching up on my blogs. We did Bing some potential campgrounds. I find we're using Bing more than Google Earth. When you switch from angled to non-angle view, it's actually a different camera shot. So you can see with leaves and without for a lot of them. Now Google Earth street view is freakishly kinda cool. I was able to go right to my house. It's weird to think someone drove down the road taking pics of my house! But street view is mainly for cities, not rural areas.
We also watched the first episode of the second season of Spartacus. It was pretty good. Definitely not for kids!

Anyway, it was a nice do nothing sort of day. Those are nice now and then. :-)


  1. I never thought to use Google and/or Bing to see a campground more clearly.

  2. I can imagine Spartacus would not be good for kids.
    I tried Bing once when it first came out, but didn't really like it. Then I've never tried it in place of Google Earth.
    And I'm sure I've seen the people who do the Google Earth stuff, but never thought about it until I realized the picture was updated!
    Enjoy your day!