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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pretty as a picture

Good morning.

What better way to start this post than with a pretty picture!
This of course was our dinner last evening. I just love these spicy-sweet pork cutlets! Since we first tried them, we've been hooked! And so easy to make! We added marinated broiled zucchini with Parmesan, and stove top stuffing with added onion, mushrooms, and celery. A very tasty meal!

I know, I talk about food a lot, but in the winter, with it nasty outside, and stuck indoors, what else is there? :-)

And yesterday was another lazy ass day. I got nothing done around the house. We went out and did our usual bank, post office and grocery shopping, and also picked up some supplies for the upcoming mo-ho season. A new water filter, tp, and holding tank deodorizer.

Back home, I broke down the first puzzle and started the second on. That and playing on the puter was pretty much all I did. :-)

We'll see if the cleaning bug bites today, but that's looking unlikely....


  1. Dinner definitely looks awesome! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ;)

  2. That dinner DOES look awesome. Why the special TP? Most RVers use anything that's "Septic Safe" as indicated on the package.

  3. Garret,
    We use RV TP because of Craig.
    Anyone who knows us will say, that sounds like Craig. :-)

  4. I like that broiled zucchini.....I love the stuff but always prefer it crispy and a little more done than it is most often served. I hate the squishy and soft stuff.