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Monday, January 10, 2011

My poor Kia

Good morning.
Okay, I've finally got the strength to back the Kia out of the garage to take a good look at it.
Here's the pics......

Poor little Kia. :-(
See that bar pushing against the radiator? That's the 'bumper' support.
Surprisingly, it didn't look as bad as I remembered.
I can't imagine what it will cost to repair it.
And Lewis, considering I hit a concrete post, I'm lucky it didn't smash farther into the engine.
Any who, yesterday, a very tiny cleaning bug bit. I vacuumed, and dusted. I love the house when it's clean. I just wished I love cleaning. :-)
Then I took Garret's wise advice and played on the puter. I'm really hooked on a game called Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms. You play it on-line. It's free. I always like free! :-)
And Craig and I sat down and figured out what weekends we can take off this year. We actually booked 2 already! Our first trip in April, just a mere 12 weeks away or so is to Holland State Park. It's one of the more popular parks thats always too busy to get into, so off season is our only chance. We've also booked a June trip to Indiana Dunes State Park. You know we like this park because of it's proximity to Chicago.
Now we just need to figure out where else we want to go this year. :-)
Now time for my shower, wake up Craig, and take Kia in.


  1. Poor crunched Kia. Oy. Oh well.

  2. I would imagine they will check your radiator out too? The truck didn't look too bad after our accident, but once they actually got in to looking and replacing the brackets, they found some leaking cooler or something, related to the transmission, I think; so it took them a few more hours while they got a replacement for that.

    Hope everything goes well.

    I tried that Heroes Kingdoms. Having played All the Might and Magic games up to 6, and Having played all the Heroes of Might and Magic games up to 5, I wanted to like it, but I didn't. Oh well.

    You guys enjoy your weekend!

  3. Can you believe that camping is THAT close by! I can't.....

    Thanks for the pictures....I'd love to hear what the estimates are and how long to fix.....Yikes. I'm glad that she's a 5-STAR......

  4. And, I see the snow under the tires in the pictures.... Ours has yet to be even driven in the snow -- how does it handle on snow??

  5. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Wayne, I'm sure sorry to see the Kia's damage. I'm going to guess and say $2,800.