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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

another trip planned

Good morning.
Winter has settled in good. So far, not a lot of snow, just very cold. 9 getting up. High around 27. They are predicting a few inches today and tonight. We'll see.
We got the Kia in at 8am yesterday, and we were third in line with a collision issue. It looks like their body shop is keeping quite busy.
They said they'd call and let me know when and what will be done. Didn't hear anything yesterday, but like I said, they looked very busy. And fortunately, I don't need it back right away. Of course, that means Craig has to drive his 1998 Honda Accord, which up until this winter, has never seen snow. I told him by the time this year's salt starts to do any visible damage, he probably won't have the car by then.
Then we went to the bank, the post office, and the township offices. Craig needed to pick up a form the township won't mail out anymore. They want everyone to do it on-line. Well Craig needed to make some changes and didn't want to mess with any on-line problems. Craig's a little anal that way. :-)
Then a quick stop at Meijer's and back home.
Craig did laundry, and helped me scope out more places to go this summer. We booked another campground. This one up north near Boyne City at Young State Park.
We will be attending the National Morel Mushroom festival.
Now we've never ate Morel's, but They're suppose to be quite the delicacy. Should be a fun trip!
And it looks like a long weekend to Toledo, and Maumee Bay State Park which is having it's Harbor Lighthouse Festival and Toledo's Polish Festival.

The light house was built in 1904.
And it's the oddest looking of all the
light houses we've seen to date.
So we're still searching for more destinations, and waiting to hear from our Wisconsin camping friends, Tom and Dean, about another trip. hint, hint.
And maybe we can hook up with out Memphis friends, Mark and Craig, in Cincinnati or Columbus, on their way to or from their east coast trip this summer. hint, hint.
So the summer camping season is beginning to take shape. Let's hope the gas prices don't get a lot higher.


  1. Oh, so Craig is "one of those" who believes paper is better than electronic when it comes to important paperwork? LOL.

  2. Keep saving your gas money. They're predicting quite a bit higher this summer, unfortunately.

    That is definitely an unusual lighthouse.

    Be sure to let us know how the mushrooms taste!

  3. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I sure hope we can meet up this summer sometime. We need to start working on that.

    MarkandCraig <<<<<< Memphis friends

  4. I'm looking forward to hearing about your travels this year. That lighthouse is very beautiful.