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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

weekend recap

Good morning.
I've just come back inside after clearing the snow out of the driveway. We got about 3+ inches during the day yesterday. The main system looked like it went just south of us.
Yesterday, was playing on the puter, and confirming a few more camping dates. We have a possible 14 weekends this season. With gas prices, we may pare that down to 10 or so. We'll see.
We have 5 definite weekends planned and another 4 to set in stone, so to speak. And just when you think there's nothing else to see or do in a 3-6 hr radius, something new pops up.
And I did hear from Tom and Dean, and Mark and Craig. That helps clear up the schedule a bit more. Thanks guys for responding so fast! I know, we do plan things way to early, but it helps us through this long winter. :-)
And I also got a call from the insurance company. They're sending me a 2 party check for the claim. I'll be interested in seeing what this is costing.
And nothing too interesting for dinner this past weekend. It was home made pizza on Saturday, pork and saurkraut Sunday, Monday was turkey burgers, and Tuesday was chicken helper. All good, but nothing exciting. :-)
We also ordered Craig's Zetia. (cholesterol medication) It's pretty bad we have to get it from Canada, but we have no prescription coverage, and it's $100 a month here. There, it's $13 a month. Big difference.
And now it's time to get ready for another work week!


  1. I can't wait to do the weekend trips like you guys do. First - need a job.

  2. I buy the cat's flea medicine from Canada because it's cheaper. Even though it's mailed from Australia!

    Looking forward to your trip posts, too. :-)