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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

comfort food

Good morning.
My late posting is due to me having to clean the driveway and salon sidewalk again. :-\
I'm sooo over this crap! I'm glad it's almost March! :-)
So yesterday, I did get the cleaning bug and did quite a bit of dusting and vacuuming.
I also played a new game called Settlers. So far it's holding my interest. :-)
We also started our last puzzle. I don't do puzzles after March starts because we should start getting some breaks in the weather where I can start early spring clean-up in the yard.
We also booked another camping weekend. That makes 9 so far, with the 10th and 11th decided, but to early to book.
And as promised, pics of Craig's newest, very tasty, new dish.
Ravioli Lasagna.....

Or the half that's left anyway. :-)
And an unusual pic of a smiling Craig!

And the dishes left for me.
But that's okay. It's well worth the clean-up for good food! And there's nothing better in the cold winter than comfort food!


  1. Love that food! Thanks for the voice message on my birthday -- what a surprise.
    We're driving the Soul over to Idaho the snow....and after your experience, I'm going to be on my best behavior.

  2. I've missed visiting the blogs!!!!! Hi Wayne and Craig! HUGS I will have to get back in way more often! Hope things are going well...of course, not counting the fun snow you are getting. It's sunny here all the time. LOL!!