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Monday, February 21, 2011

winter's back

Good morning.
Well, yesterday morning started out looking a bit like spring, but then this came...

And by this morning, it looked like this....
Yes, it was still dark out at 6am when I went out to clear the driveway. Looked like about 6-8 inches fell. It was over a foot thick at the end of the driveway where the plows had gone by.
Once I got that done, I went in to the salon to see what was needed there. The main roads are pretty good, but all the side roads are a mess. It appeared the sidewalks at the salon had been cleaned sometime during the night, and had about 2 inches back on them, so I got that cleared off and threw some salt on it.
Here's the drive and the car cleared of snow.Yesterday, with the most energy I've had in a week, I got in a cleaning mood and did quite a bit. I still had plenty of time to play on the puter, place a supply order for the Salon, and book another RV weekend. We've got 8 booked as of right now. Out of the weekends left, I still want to go to the Elkhart, Indiana area. I'd like to take a tour of the Newmar factory in nearby Nappanee. I think it would be neat to see where our mo-ho was born. :-)
And dinner was simple to, ham steaks with mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed cauliflower. Today Craig wants to try a new dish, Ravioli Lasagna. If it turns out, pics and the recipe tomorrow. :-)
I didn't notice until just now, that I missed my blog's anniversary, which was back on January 24th. Must mean I've been doing it so long, I don't even think about it anymore. This is the start of year 6 with blogger! 1030 posts!


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Wayne, you sure have been a trouper keeping your driveway clear. I'm sure there are people along your road just let nature take care of it. Their cars are probably sitting on snow piles higher than their houses!


  2. Wayne,
    I would have cried. I live in Boston so I'm no stranger to snow or winter, but I'm done with it. Probably not a good thing considering winter doesn't end here for quite awhile. Anyway, I hope you handled the snow better than I would have.

  3. Wow. 6 years. That's fantastic, Wayne! :-)
    Mom said there was about 8 inches there, too.
    Weather's been low to mid 70s here in Louisiana since we got here on Friday. :)

  4. Well winter is not bad after all... what I like the most about winter is the cancellation of work where I could get enough sleep and bring my rabbits out of the rabbit hutch and play snow balls.