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Monday, February 07, 2011

I got another bug

Good morning.
I'm doing this post from my lap top because my desktop puter got another bad bug and I'm currently cleaning it. :-/ At least it wasn't me that got the bug. :-)
Yesterday, we went to Kohls, and I got a couple of new shirts, and Craig got a couple pairs of pants.
Back home, I downloaded a new game, and a movie. That was when I got hit. It was one of those fake antivirus malware, and it was a bugger to get rid of. But it's gone and now to make sure I got everything, I'm running a series of security software.
I also managed to clean the bathroom, :-) and I started puzzle #4.
For dinner, we had slow cooked cranberry pork roast. It was delicious! We served it with real mashed potatoes and honey ginger carrots.
And we did watch the Super Bowl. It was really a good game, and I was happy to see Green Bay win.


  1. People who create these virus' just suck.

  2. Ugh. That sucks. I click on NOTHING, zero, nada. For any reason.

  3. Glad it wasn't you that got sick, Wayne. And glad to hear your 'puter will be better soon, too.
    Enjoy your weekend!