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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

lazy me

Good morning.
Another lazy day yesterday.
After I finished cleaning my puter, I spent most of the day playing games and working on the puzzle.
The game I just finished was called Drawn: The Painted Tower. I really enjoy puzzle games and this one had nice graphics also. I also downloaded the next one called Drawn: Dark Flight.

Here's a little preview if your interested.
I may start this one today. :-)
We've also been looking to fill our remaining camping slots. We've narrowed the choices and just need to decided for sure. We seem to have more places we want to go this year than slots to put them in. A nice problem to have. :-)
And for dinner, Craig made a new casserole, Southwestern Turkey Casserole.
It was very good, and very easy to make! And I love casseroles in the winter.
And that's all I got for now!


  1. The game does look to have nice graphics.

  2. Are they all places you haven't been to? Maybe check how the weather usually is that time of year where you're wanting to go. I know that's no guarantee, but maybe it will help make it easier to choose. :)