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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

all about work

Good morning.
It's currently 10 out, going for a high of 18.
But the long range forecast is calling for 38 by Sunday. If the forecast holds, it will be the first time since early Dec. that we'd get above freezing. :-)
In other news......
We went shopping for a new thermostat for the Salon. When I go in in the morning, I turn it up from our night time setting of 64, to our daytime setting of 72. The furnace comes on, but turns off after it goes up a few degrees. It will stay off for a while, then turn on again. It takes hours for the temp to get to where I set it. So I don't know if it's the roof top unit, or the thermostat, but the thermostat is cheaper to replace. :-) Then we'll go from there.
Fortunately, I can crank on the hood dryers. They bring the temp up pretty quickly.
Back home, I had another lazy day, playing on the puter, and working on the puzzle.
I down loaded the Super Bowl episode of Glee to watch with dinner since I was too tired to stay up after the Super Bowl to watch it. :-)
And dinner was smoked pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy, and broiled asparagus.
And today, it's back to work. The Salon looks pretty busy this week, so the week should go by quickly. :-)
Love the weekends!


  1. MMMMM broiled asparagus MMMMMM.

  2. Hope the new thermostat fixes your problem!