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Sunday, February 13, 2011

it's another weekend

Good morning. It's another weekend! Yea!
It's currently 30 out. Warmer than it's been in a l-o-n-g time. :-)
We look like we're in for our January thaw, even though it's mid February. We'll take it when we can get it. :-) The highs might reach the low 40's by mid week.
I've just returned from cleaning the salon, and we finished the week fairly busy.
We came home, fixed cocktails, and played games on the puters, and I also worked on a puzzle.
For dinner, Craig made tasty wet burritos and we watched the movie, Due date.
Today, with slightly milder temps, I'm going out in the yard and checking the perimeter. There are rabbit tracks in the yard, so I have some holes or gaps in the perimeter fencing. I need to find/fix those and then trap the little critters before they eat everything to the ground. Our back yard (nearly an acre) is almost completely lined with arborvitaes which gives our yard a lot of privacy. I have 3ft high chicken wire weaved through them. You can't see the fencing, but it does a pretty good job at keeping the rabbits out most of the time. But during the year, between raccoons climbing it, and other critters, rabbits get through. It's a bit of a job finding the gaps because I have to literally crawl in through the arborvitaes. So that's the plan for today. We'll see if I stick to it. :-)
And don't forget.......tomorrow is Valentines Day. Make sure you tell your sweetie you love them!


  1. Good luck finding the gaps!

  2. Yay for warm weather! Ditch the coats.