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Monday, February 14, 2011

we got lots of rabbits

Good morning, and a Happy Valentines Day!
It felt almost spring like with the temps rising near 40 yesterday.
After cleaning the Salon, I finished another puzzle while Craig got his beauty rest. :-)

This puzzle was given to me by a customer. Instead of a picture, this was a painting with really odd shaped pieces. But I enjoyed it.
I also got out and checked the perimeter. There were 4 holes in the fencing I patched.

Craig said it looked like they had wire cutters. I don't think they're that smart. ;-l
So I fixed the holes and set out some traps. They had already done a lot of damage. 4 bushes have already been eaten to the ground. They'll come back, but won't bloom, as they bloom on old wood. I should have gotten out sooner, but it was too cold. :-)
I then spent the rest of the day playing a game on the puter, and starting another puzzle.
Craig made a delicious meat loaf for dinner.

And this morning, I noticed the driveway is completely snow free. The first time since early December. We still have over a foot of snow on the ground, and I don't think it'll stay warm enough, long enough to melt all that. We'll see. :-)


  1. The meatloaf reminds me of cake.

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    That meatloaf looks SO good. Everybody makes meatloaf differently and I love'm!!! I always like to taste a new recipe.

    Stay warm,

  3. Yay for Snow Free! Happy Valentine's Day to you guys.

  4. Sorry to hear about the rabbit damage, but hopefully they'll be caught quickly and you won't have any more.
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  5. Your blog template is very stunning. Can you have my rabbits and beautiful rabbit hutches featured here?