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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Relapse....down to 65%

Good morning.
Things appear to be going the wrong way. I'm still having mild discomfort swallowing, although my throat doesn't feel very sore. Now the issue seems to be the swollen/discomfort in the throat region that has spread to the lower neck and up my jaw to my ear. I think I have a deeper infection going on. My temp is normal, so I don't know.
Craig thought I should have gone to the doctor a couple of days ago, but from what I read online, sore throats usually clear up on their own in a week. But I haven't found any info on the neck swelling thing, so I'll be going to the urgent care facility when it opens this morning at 9am.
We're under a blizzard warning, but less than an inch of snow has fallen so far, and the big snow is forecast for this evening, so I should be able to make it there and back okay.
Yesterday, I think cleaning the Salon wore me down a bit and didn't do much the rest of the day.
Read a little, played on the puter a little, and worked on the puzzle. Craig was in a strange mood. Me being sick seems to be very unsettling for him.
He did fix a tasty portabella stuffed ravioli with a meaty pasta sauce. I slowly downed it all. So I haven't lost my appetite. :-)
Being sick is sooo damn inconvenient!


  1. Be careful with the weather and hurry up and feel better too!

  2. The swollen neck (I think Granny would have said lymph nodes) should have told you it was more than a cold. ;)
    And I understand Craig being unsettled. You don't get sick very often do you? Just like Dad never did.

    Take care, Bro. Hope you're feeling better soon!