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Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a slacker

Good morning.
Sorry no Sunday post yesterday. I didn't do nothing yesterday! Except of course, clean the Salon. But the rest of the day, I was a slacker. I planned on going out side to work in the yard, but it was cold, (low 40's) and windy. So I pretty much sat in front of the puter all day. Played games, downloaded more games, and read blogs. How many do I read? About a dozen. And for the people that don't do blogs, I follow on facebook. And 'gasp' for those that don't blog or do facebook, I e-mail. Which seems awfully slow. :-) I wonder, does anyone still do snail mail?
And it looks like we're in for some winter like weather this week. :-( Forecast highs of only mid 30's. Yuk! It's hard to believe it's full blown spring in a lot of places like Alabama, Charlotte, NC, and even Portland, OR. It's just not fair! Okay, I done with the pity party, let's move on....
For dinner, Craig made a tasty corned beef in a slow cooker. It was really good! Not to mention cooking 8 hours in a slow cooker makes the house smell good. :-)
So today is our last 'warm' day for a while, ( a high of 50 is forecast) so I plan top get out and enjoy it!


  1. Today is supposed to be 72, tomorrow 82. Sigh. Time for you to retire and move to warmer climates. One that will better suit your gardening and RVing. ;-)

  2. Have fun at Mom's!

  3. There's nothing like the smell of food slow-cooking in the crock pot to fill the house with delicious aromas. My hubby does chili and beans that way. Mmmm!