Saturday, March 19, 2011

a taste of spring

Good morning.
We've had wonderful, spring like weather this week. Temps in the mid 50's, and one day in the mid 60's. The snow is all gone! :-) We took advantage of that and worked in the yard. I raked gravel out of the grass by the street, and Craig picked up branches. I also cut down some more stuff I didn't get to in the fall. We even got out a couple of chairs and had cocktails on the deck. It felt so good to be outside in'warm' weather again. :-)
But as always in Michigan, we'll pay for the warmer than normal temps. After this weekend of normal temps, (mid 40's) Next week is suppose to be colder than normal. :-(
But, we got a taste of what lies ahead.
And we've got one more busy day in the Salon, and then another weekend. :-)
And with blood tests out of the way, tonight is home made taco's!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Yay for warm weather. It was 80-something in Charlotte.

  2. Be happy. Some places had snow, brother. ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend and give Mom a hug for me when you see her Monday! :)

  3. Hooray for spring! We've been enjoying very nice weather in eastern NC these past few weeks. Trees are budding and flowers blooming!
    Enjoy your weekend, too!


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