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Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring is in the air

Good morning.
First off, the pic of our barbecued pineapple chicken from Tuesday.

It was as good as it looks! And sooo simple. Broil the chicken for 20-25 minutes and baste with barbecue sauce the last 15, turning frequently. Then top with pineapple slice and broil another 5 minutes. Drizzle Catalina dressing over the top. We cooked 4 breasts so we'll have leftovers tonight. :-)
So Wednesday at the salon was fairly busy. And almost all the snow is gone. :-) Just some piles left as the temps are getting around 50. I've noticed a lot of singing/chirping birds, and I've even seen the tips of daffodils coming up behind the house.
I have a busy early day today, starting at 7:45, and I've marked off time in the middle to go get my blood drawn for my upcoming physical. Which means no breakfast or morning snacks. :-(
I think I'll survive. :-)
And I'm pretty much booked Friday and Saturday, so it's looking to be another good week.
So time for my shower and to get going!


  1. Another WOW.....yummy food.

  2. Got my blood drawn Tuesday. Good luck, bro! :)