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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

tax time

Good morning.
To catch you up, Sunday was a lay low sort of day. No cleaning bugs biting. :-)
I mainly played on the puter, read blogs, and worked on the puzzle. We still have snow on the ground, even though it's gotten above freezing for the last 2 days. It hasn't gotten warm enough, long enough, to get rid of the snow. And for a bit of trivia.....
They say we broke a record here in Lansing. The snowiest February on record. Whoopee....
But it is March now, so it should start looking up. :-)
Monday, after we went to the bank and P.O. and store, Craig started on our taxes. He broke open the new Turbo Tax software, and got to work. With-in an hour, he was a frustrated mess. This years version wasn't like last years. He couldn't find where to put our deduction for our medical premiums. That's Craig. He expects things to go in an orderly fashion, and if they don't, all hell breaks out. He finally gave up, had me print out the forms he needed from the IRS website, filled them in manually, and then had me fill in the individual forms on line and print them out.
I tried to get him to do e-file, but after he read all the requirements of some of the different sites participating, he decided it wouldn't be worth his time. Our taxes are a bit complicated, and most of the sites claimed they might not have all the forms we'd need. So Craig said it would be easier and quicker to just do it himself.
But to Craig's credit, we are getting a nice chunk of change back. :-) With the new stylists that started last year, he wasn't sure how much that would affect our income, so he made sure our estimated taxes were way over. He'd rather have a larger refund, then any chance of paying. :-)
And if we'd gotten that through out the year, it probably would have been spent. Now it will go right into savings.
And in other news.....
Craig's last turkey on Sunday, turned out delicious as usual, and we had leftovers on Monday. We'll also have another round of leftovers for Thursday.
And my fence patching appears to have worked. No rabbit tracks in the yard. :-)
And that's all I got for now....


  1. Taxes suck. Good thing Jim does ours.

  2. I hate taxes.
    Glad to hear the rabbits have been defeated! :)