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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 dead mice

Good morning.
We're continuing our spring like weather. :-)
But as you can see in these pics,
we are still in early spring.
The grass is green, and daffodils
and hyacinths are blooming,
but there are no bushes
or trees leafing out yet.
And I haven't even done a first mowing yet, though it looks like I might need to next weekend.
We've had sooo much rain, every river in the tri-county area is under a flood advisory.
But it's not near as bad here as in other places. It seems most of the storm systems are going south of us.
The rain did end early in the day,
but because it was too wet to wet
to weed, I decided to thin out the
pond plants. As you can see in
this pic from last year, the tall plants at the
upper left called Pickerel Rush have filled
the entire corner and the water lilies are
filling up the front half.
So I got out my wading boots, took of my shoes, and put my foot in and I felt something that wasn't normal. I about fell down trying to get that boot back off!
This is what I found inside that boot....
A mouse had tried to build a nest in the bottom of the boot!
I had the boots hanging in the shed! All that blue granular stuff is mouse bait. I put bait in the shed in the fall to get rid of any mice, and it does the job. But I about freaked out when my toes touched something that didn't feel like the bottom of the boot!
There was enough bait in the boot to fill 2 bait boxes.
Anyway, after I made damn sure there was nothing else in the boots, I got the pond plants thinned out. Then I decided to clean out the shed. Found 2 more mice nests in side some coiled hoses, and a total of 3 dead, dried up mice.
And it looks like more rain moving in for the next few days. We seem to be stuck in a very wet cycle. But at least the temps have returned to normal.
Now time for my shower and another work week!


  1. Haha. Sorry. I'm glad it was dead when you stuck your foot in. ;)

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    YIKES! NOT funny! Mom is wondering if she has missed your plant sale...told her I did not think so, but as she just turned 88, she is pretty sure she remembers you have the sale this early! So if you see her at the stores, maybe you can let her know..or I can tell her!
    Take care ya both!
    FL Patti

  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Wayne, I would never put my foot in anything as I fear spiders (in a major way). If 'my' Craig finds a dead spider, he will chase me with it! Quit laughing, its NOT FUNNY!
    We have the brown recluse in TN and the black widows in CA. I don't want to get a bite from one of those!

    I would have loved to seen your 'mouse' dance. :o)


  4. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I would have slung those boots to are a brave soul. TX- Mike