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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

free is good!

Good morning.
We've had a couple of good days temp wise. Sunday, sunny near 60, and Monday, rain and 63.
With Sunday being such a nice day, I cleaned/weeded another flower bed. I also helped Craig install the new locking mailbox and repaired some landscape lighting. Craig has numerous 18 watt landscape lights all around the back yard. With the 2 porch lights on day/night sensors and 2 sodium lights, our yard is lit up like a freakin ballpark! But Craig likes to look out at night and be able to see if anything is going on. The lights make him feel more secure. It's just another one of his OCD issues. :-)
Anyway, a section of lights were out and replacing bulbs didn't help. So he bought a new light and it didn't work either. So it had to be the wiring, so I traced the problem back to a connector. Replaced that, and now they all work. :-)
And of course, being Easter, Craig made a delicious Ham for dinner. Had plenty for leftovers, and froze the bone for making broth later.
Monday morning, while Craig slept in, I went online to place our free lunch order. Then I went to the doctor for my annual physical.
Looks like I'm going to live another year. ;-)
But I swear, every year, there's at least one thing that's off. This year, it was my LDL or bad cholesterol. They want it under 130. Mine was 133. Last year it was 124. the year before that, 114. Before that, 134.
Last year, it was Glucose. It's suppose to be under 99, mine was 101. This year, 97.
3 and 4 years ago, it was Neutrophils, or white blood cells. They want them between 48 and 81. I was a bit low at 47.9 one year, and 48.8 the other. This year, 55.1.
I'm beginning to think some things just tend to fluctuate. :-\
After my physical, I came home to find Craig had gotten up all by himself, showered and was ready to go. :-)
We did our usual banking and shopping, getting the stuff home in time to go pick up the Salons free lunch from Chipotle Grill. They had everything ready when I got there, and it was indeed all free. It would have cost $61.47 had we had to pay for it. Got to the Salon, and only half the staff was there. Called and got various excuses. One completely forgot, 2 others were on their way, running late. You'd think people could remember a free meal wouldn't you? Anyway, we ate our free lunch, and decided it was pretty good, but kinda expensive for fast food. Had we payed for it, we probably wouldn't go there again. So if they hoped to get new customers, it didn't work for our group. :-)
Back home, since it was raining, I decided to tackle the riding lawn mower. It was in the garage, so I'd be dry. After some work, I managed to remove the mower deck, and with Craig's help, got the blades sharpened. It was actually easier to get the mower deck back on. :-)
Then, since the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to come out, I suggested to Craig we should change Cruiser's tires. So we took off the snow tires, and put on the summer tires.
So, it's been a productive weekend, and now it's time for my shower. Not sure what's on the schedule for today, it's raining again, and looks like it will all day. I might have to take a day off and just play. :-)


  1. Of course things fluctuate. Your weight can change as much as 4 pounds a day.
    And they are always changing what is good.
    101 is perfectly fine for blood sugar. It can be higher if you're sick; and even if you've been fasting for 12 hours, what you ate the day before can still affect it.
    Oh well.
    I don't blame Craig for wanting to know what's going on now-a-days. You never know, sadly.
    Your free meal sort of reminds me of when we took Bob to Olive Garden for his birthday. It's a little pricey. And while the food was excellent, it's definitely not someplace we'd choose often, unfortunately.
    Enjoy the last of your weekend! :)

  2. I have my annual physical this Thursday. It seems the older we become the more we have to watch numbers. I went on blood pressure medicine about 6 years ago, and cholesterol lowering medicine 3 years ago. My numbers for both are now good, so hopefully that will be the case this check-up.
    Glad to hear you'll live another year, Wayne! : )

  3. I hate going to the doctors anymore and especially now that I know it's gonna get worse.

  4. This is my point!Thanks for your post!!