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Sunday, April 24, 2011

spring, finally, I hope.....

Good morning, and Happy Easter!
Spring seems to have finally arrived!
For now anyway. :-)
It got up to 63 yesterday,
and today should be similar.
I had a fairly short day at the salon yesterday.
I started at 7:30 and was done by 1:30.
I came home, changed my clothes,
and went outside.
I picked up sticks, surveyed springs progress,
and cleaned/weeded a couple of flower beds.
I've got sooo much to do and I'm sooo behind.
It's a good thing I decided not to
have a plant sale this year.
Craig informed me at this time last year
I had 264 plants divided and potted up already.
This year, being such a cold spring,
most of my perennials,
are barely up enough to see,
much less divide.
After Craig got home, we relaxed on the deck
with cocktails and soaked in the spring weather.
I've already cleaned the Salon this morning,
and took these pics so I
could add them to this post.
Today, I plan on changing the tires on PT Cruiser
from winter tires to summer,
and I hope to get
the deck off the riding lawn mower
so I can sharpen or replace the
blades depending on their condition.
And of course, Craig will make a ham for dinner.
Semi-boneless is the only way he claims.
More flavor.
And deviled eggs, augratin potatoes,
and cauliflower.
So it looks to be a good weekend. :-)


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    WOW, you guys are behind on your Spring. Our flowers are all finished up and the trees are fully bloomed out!

    And, our humidity has started so 84 degrees feels like 90+. :o(


  2. Garden is looking great, Wayne. :)
    There are flowers at the farm that I am hoping will still be blooming when we get there in a few weeks.
    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  3. My daffs are out now. looking good

  4. I can just about smell those hyacinths! Yummy.

  5. In the top pic I thought I spotted an Easter egg. LOL. Really. Look. I guess it's a rock.

  6. Such lovely flowers! Happy springtime!