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Friday, April 22, 2011

busy week and free food

Good morning.
It's currently raining, again, and 41 out. A high of only 53 is forecast. Not only has it been a very cold spring, it's been a very wet one. We are under a flood advisory. Not to worry about our house or Salon, we're on high ground. :-)
It also appears we'll be getting a little break. They are forecasting 60's to near 70 for the mid week before plunging back below normal next weekend. So, if the rain ever lets up, I'll be out working in the yard this weekend, as I'm way behind my spring yard work.
The salon has been very busy this week, and looks to end that way also.
Monday I have my yearly physical, and then for lunch, our Salon staff is getting a free lunch from Chipolte Grill. Last week I received a call from the manager, and they are doing a month long promotion to get more exposure for them. This month they are targeting Salons and Monday is our day. I went on-line and printed out a bunch of order forms and been having the staff fill them out. I'll go on-line Monday morning and place our orders, and pick up the food at 11:30 and deliver it to the Salon. Only one person on our staff has ever eaten there, and she said the food was 'okay'. But hey, free food is free food, right?
And that's all I got for today.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow. Free food. Congratulations. Hope it turns out well.
    Hope you guys have a good weekend, too! :)

  2. Free food! Yay! As long as it doesn't create a food poisoning hospital stay then it's OK by me.