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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

do I feel more secure?

Good morning. Yesterday was windy and cool, so not a lot done. We did however, go out and buy a new mailbox. When ever we go on a trip, we have someone pic up the mail, even if we're gone just a few days. And sometimes it's difficult to find someone who's in town that weekend, and available. And with gas prices the way they are, he doesn't want to put anyone out. Sooooo, he's decided a locking mailbox would do the trick. Since we're usually gone only Friday to Monday, and we get the mail Friday before we leave, it would be just Saturday's mail sitting there. I don't think that would be a problem, but Craig's positve someone will stop, see mail, and know we're out of town, and break in to the house. Now anyone who know's Craig knows he tends to be just a tiny bit paronoid about security. I mean, we have an alarm system, a sodium light in the front yard and one in the back yard, dead bolts on all the doors, and timers on several lights. We even leave 2 cars in the driveway when we're gone. But he's convinced, as soon as we pull the mo-ho out of the driveway and head down the street, a giant sign goes up on the roof screaming, THE MOTOR HOME IS GONE! AND SO ARE THEY! Seriously, he drives me crazy sometimes. :-) I tell him there's lots of times the mo-ho is gone for a few days for service. I tell him we live on a very busy street with a speed limit of 55. No one but people who knows us even notices at our house as they wizz by. But anyway, now I have another project to do. And this will be involved because I'll have to move the post too. This thing is wider, longer and higher than the existing one and there's a standard height and setback required of the post office. Oh, and I'm not going to tell him you can look in the slot and still be able to see if there's mail in there. Nope, not going to say a word.......


  1. What are dead blots? I think your fingers have been taking lessons from mine. ;)
    You could have the post office hold your mail until you get back.
    You can even do it on line. Costs a dollar to do it there though.
    Hope he doesn't read your blog. ;)

  2. I agree with the hold your mail at the post office. Easy and convenient. You specify a start and end date and voila! A dollar per hold is a lot cheaper than what looks to be a very expensive mail box. Oy!

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I think the mailbox is a good idea even if you are 'in' town. Kids could go from mailbox to mailbox during the day playing pranks taking the mail (while you are at work).

    It was so nice during the good ole days when people didn't mess with your stuff. It's hard to think we didn't lock our house doors and we left our keys in the cars!


  4. We are having a problem in our town with thieves stealing mail (don't tell Craig that, lol). Fortunately, to get to our box, one must enter through our gate and come right up to the house, so I think that is a deterrent. Craig sounds like me, though. I worry about everything when we leave on a trip.