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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The mo-ho is ready!

Good morning.

It's currently 38 out, going for a high of 55 which is slightly below the normal high of 60. Yesterday morning, we still had a bit of the warm front left as it was 67 when I got up and the rain had quit. I decided to take advantage of it and when it was light enough, I went out and drained the water/bleach mixture from the mo-ho, and filled the holding take with fresh water. Flushed all the lines and filled the water heater. I then polished the remaining 2 wheels.

After my shower, I woke up Craig, and fixed us coffee. We went out and did our usual Monday routine, P.O. bank, and shopping which was a challenge. They have closed a large section Of Saginaw Street, reducing it to 2 lanes in one direction. Saginaw is the main thoroughfare through the west side. Nearly everything is on this main road. The street is undergoing a complete redo that will last all summer. Fortunately, Our Salon is on a main side street, so our customers shouldn't have too much trouble getting to us.

Returning home, I fired up the mo-ho water heater. After confirming the propane burner worked, I turned that off and turned on the electric heater. Since it would take an hour to heat, we worked on the car caddy. One of the mud flaps had ripped off, and needed to be replaced. We had searched all over, and no one carries them, soooo we stumbled on what were called rubber belts at TSC. They had them in widths of 5, 7, and 12, sold by the foot. Our old ones were 6 1/2 by 10 1/2 so we bought 2 ft of the 7 inch. Of course, I could only get 1 of the 2 nuts off that held each of the old ones on. But I did manage to cut the old ones off and we mounted the new ones just underneath where the old ones were.

After that project, Craig went in to do the estimated taxes that are due on the 15th as any self employed person knows, and I went in the mo-ho. Checked the water, it ran hot. Good. Then ran a quick cycle on the washer/dryer/ and then a cycle on the dishwasher.

I'm happy to say, at least right now, everything has been checked and is functioning properly with the mo-ho and it's ready for it's first trip! :-)

With us having such a cold spring, I haven't been able to clean up the flower beds much since very little has come up yet. But that has given me more time to work on the mo-ho, so all in all, it's okay. We only have 2 trips scheduled for all of April and May, so I'll have plenty of time in the yard, once it finally decides to warm up and stay warm. But I do have a few things in bloom..... I'm not sure what the top pic is. They're cute little flowers only about 3 inches tall. The bottom pic is a large Hellebore. So spring is slowly coming along. :-)


  1. Do self employed people have to turn something in early?
    Tax day is the 18th this year. It's Emancipation Day in DC, which is a local holiday.

    Looking forward to hearing about your first trip!

  2. You have a dishwasher in the moho? Built in?

  3. Vvrrrrooom, vrrrrooom....away you boys go in the MoHo!! Tis the season.....finally.

  4. Sounds as if y'all are almost ready for a road trip!