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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

just 2 means good for 5

Good afternoon. Craig had his colonoscopy this afternoon, and he had 2 polyps removed. They were very small, and the doctor said if the labs come back good, as he expects them to, Craig can go 5 years before the next one. He was sure glad to hear that! This one had been only 3 years because he had 5 polyps the first time. And he has not had a good experience with the prep. Both times now after the initial prep, he's clear when he goes to bed, and gets up in the morning, not at all clear, and had to do another 1/2 prep to get where he needed to be. That's why he made this appointment in the afternoon, just in case it happened again, so he'd have time to 'redo', and it did! But now it's over, and we can get life back to normal. On the way home from the hospital, we stopped at Finlay's for a late lunch. Craig had an American cheeseburger, and I had their really good ribs.

Monday, after we returned home from all our running around, While he finished some bookwork waiting for the prep to start working, I went on a cleaning binge. I cleaned out several kitchen cabinets. You know, the ones with deep shelves you never see what's back there? Well, I found a bunch of stuff to add to my spring yard sale.

One particular item, a few of you might remember, a hot air popcorn popper! We got this way back in the late 70's I think. Haven't used it in years! It's even got a little butter melting cup on top!

It still works, but with Craig's hundreds of fillings, (okay, maybe not quite that many) he doesn't eat popcorn anymore. So with this gradual house cleaning I've been doing, I'm filling up a space in the living room for a pretty decent size yard sale. I'll post more of these little treasures later. And if anyone wants any of the stuff, if your willing to pay shipping, you can have it!

Soooo it's back to work tomorrow.

Oh, ps, I was going to take a bunch of pics in the hospital, and even post the polyp pics, but Craig didn't seem to think it was a good idea. So, since he went through so much the last couple of days, I thought I'd humor him and be good. :-)


  1. I shouldn't eat popcorn either, but sometimes I just really want some.
    I miss Dad's popcorn.
    Look forward to seeing what else you have for your yard sale.

    Here's to Craig getting to wait 5 years!

  2. The air popper was invented in 1978 by Presto. Remember them at junior high school parties - could keep it running non-stop, keep adding kernels to it and made a really big mess :)

  3. Uh, thanks for sparing us the polyp pics!

    Whats fillings got to do with popcorn? I have fillings and use a plastic toothpic afterwards.

  4. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Yeppers, ditto what Garret said about the polyp pics! HA!

    I just can't popcorn anymore. I love the smell at the theater but once I start eating it, I feel like I have a lead balloon in my stomach.
    :o( Also, I'm not wild about butter and even though I have it as dry as possible, I think there is too much butter on the popcorn.


  5. I remember those poppers! And it would go all over the place if there wasn't a good sized bowl ready. As for the colonoscopy, my fingers are crossed. I will have my first one in one year.

  6. So glad to NOT see polyp pictures here!