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Monday, April 04, 2011

slow spring continues

Good morning. Spring continues it's very slow march. As you can see in the pic, March ended colder than normal, and April is running near normal. And it appears we're stuck in a wet pattern.
And from the long term forecast, it looks to stay that way with this month running in the mid 50's.

Anyway, I cleaned the Salon yesterday morning, and after Craig got up, we did our usual Sunday routine.

We also turned around the mo-ho and got it backed into the driveway. That was between the rain and snow mix we had off and on yesterday. At least the snow didn't stick as it did reach a high of 47.

I also started to get stuff put back in the mo-ho, such as making the bed, towels, paper towels and tp, and put batteries back into the smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, safe, clock, and the various remotes. With temps still falling below freezing, I'll wait until next weekend to put the liquids back in such as dish soap, shower soap and conditioner, and the various other toiletries.

Every thing so far is in working order. Just the water pump and water heater to check and that will wait until it's warmer, when I can un-winterize it.

Craig also made a tasty meatloaf for dinner.

Today, we saved for shopping, banking, and other running around. I want to keep Craig busy today because he is on a clear liquid diet in preparation for his colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon. That way he won't have time to think about eating, and once he starts his prep later this afternoon, he'll be to 'busy' to eat. :-) It's sooo much fun getting older.


  1. davidz6:02 AM

    Aaarrrgh...not the dreaded colonoscopy prep!! My sympathies to Craig!

  2. Modern technology and that's the best they can do for colonoscopy preparation. A shitty situation indeed.

  3. I hope all goes well with the colonoscopy. When I had one a couple years ago it was the prep work -- drinking that godawful liquid -- that was the hardest part.