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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

back to work, I need the rest.

Good morning.
Another beautiful day yesterday, and did I maximise it! I did more weeding, trimming, and mulching.
Here's the section of the deck I stained from yesterdays pic....
Amazing what a little scraping and fresh stain will do. I did about half of our multi sectioned deck yesterday, and I'll finish it up this coming holiday weekend.
And here's that Azalea I showed you but now from a little farther out, next to another deck section I stained.

And here's a pretty tree Peony that a stylist had in her front yard and was going to tear it out. I told her I'd take it. It was enormous! I tried my best to get a good large root ball, and planted it in my yard. I nearly lost it as it slowly died off section by section. But a small piece survived, and now about 5 years later, it's looking real good again. I can't imagine anyone not liking Tree Peonies.. They're a majestic, impressive shrub that looks good even when not in bloom.

And here's a closer look of the flowers...

And here's a blooming Cranesbil, a nearly blooming Chive, and a soon to be blooming Penstrom.

And this morning, I've already edged the driveway and the front sidewalk. It's amazing how fast grass can creep over the edge. It was nearly 6 inches over the asphalt. But now it's a nice clean line. :-)

And now it's time to go to work. Good, I need the rest. :-)


  1. wow everything looks great! And isn't it funny how we go back to work in order to regain some rest and centering.

  2. I don't see how you remember all those names!
    But they're pretty for sure.
    Hope the rest of your day went well! :)

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