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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

progress continues

Good morning.
It's been a beautiful weekend, and we've managed to dodge the storms that have blown through. :-)
And here's a beautiful azalea that came into full bloom this warm weekend...

And I had a comment about showing all the work I've done on the driveway.

The above pic is what it looks like now...
And below are a couple of close-up pics of the bad areas, and the crack filler I used to fill them...

Actually, once I fill the cracks and then seal the driveway, it looks pretty good!

I'll take a pic next week after I get it sealed, so you can see the difference.

Yesterday, we flower shopped and did the banking and P.O. thing. Came home and spent a good part of the day planting. For dinner, I grilled us up some country style ribs and Craig made a tasty pasta salad.

This morning I've prepared part of the deck for restraining.

I'll get an after pic so you'll see how nice it'll look when I'm done.

Now it's shower time and wake up lazybones....:-)


  1. You're restraining your deck? Has it been on the attack lately? ;-)
    Just kidding, Wayne. :P
    What kind of flowers did you get?

  2. I'm just thankful that I can actually see the driveway -- and that is isn't covered with that white, cold stuff.....