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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it was a good day

Good morning.
We are in for a short stretch of summer like weather, with temps in the mid 70's all week, before falling back to the normal 60's this weekend.
I've just been lovin this weather! It took so long to get here, but It's here and the yard is quickly coming alive!
Yesterday morning, while Craig slept, I did some maintenance on the mo-ho. We have a small leak around the windshield. Apparently with all the road vibrations, the seal around the windshield has cracked in a few spots. Even though I now caulk the windshield every year, it eventually starts leaking again. And right now Craig doesn't want to spend money on a replacement, since the leak only causes water to drip on the dash. Well, we have managed to get some water stains on the accordion shade that pulls around the window. So I went out yesterday, and spot cleaned it with peroxide. It takes out the stain real good!
I then did some more weeding before I woke up Craig.
We did our running around, and back at home, I worked in the yard and he did more paper work.
I'm getting a real good handle on the weeds. :-)
For dinner, we tried a new chicken recipe, Orange Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. It was sooo tender, moist and tasty!

Of course, if your interested, the recipe is here.
So it was a very productive weekend, and now, another work week lies ahead.


  1. Peroxide? Great tip. Like the kind for wounds?

  2. Full strength peroxide or did you dilute it any? Great idea! :)