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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

back to work

Good morning.
It's been a beautiful couple of days, sunny, with temps in the 70's. :-)
And I took full advantage of them.
After we returned home on Monday from our trip, I spent the afternoon working in the yard. Cleaning and filling birdbaths, some weeding, and trimming.
Tuesday morning, I cleaned the Salon, came home and washed the mo-ho and the Kia. I then waxed the caps and bay doors of the mo-ho. Then I showered and woke Craig up. Made us coffee and off to the bank and weekly shopping. Came home, made egg sandwiches for lunch, and Craig and I mowed the yard. I did the edging, and Craig did the rider. While he finished up with the rider, I did some weeding. I also did some more spot weeding in the lawn. The yards looking real good. :-) Dinner was pork cutlets on the grill, baked potatoes, and asparagus.
This morning, I've been a lazy bum. Surfing the web, reading blogs, and not much else. But now it's time to shower and begin another work week.
And here's some bushes currently blooming in the yard...

A red Weigela, white Potentilla, and a pink Spirea.

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