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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

trip #3 Ludington State Park

Good morning.
Like I said earlier, we've just returned from our 3rd trip of the season.
This one took us to Ludington State park on the shores of Lake Michigan. The campground is very popular as it sits right between Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake. And although it was a cold wet weekend again, the campground was full.
We arrived Friday, driving most of the way in rain, but it finally stopped before we arrived and was able to get set-up. As has become a tradition of sorts with our camping trips, we headed into town for our first meal of the weekend, KFC. :-)
Back at the mo-ho, we took a quick walk around to see the campground nearly full. With a low around 45, and a high only mid 50's, we saw many tenters. Now there are some dedicated campers. At this point in my life, I prefer to have our heated condo on wheels. :-)
Saturday morning, we awoke to rain pounding on the mo-ho roof. I love the sound of rain. I wonder if the tenters do also. :-)
Now what do you do when your camping and it's raining? Yep, your right, head to the nearest casino! Which in this case happened to be the Little River Casino in near-by Manistee, Michigan. Just a short 20 minute drive. And this time, I actually left with more money than I went in with. :-) Now of course, we both didn't win. Poor Craig, he just won't listen to me. He was way up on 1 machine, and I said time to take and move on, but he sat there and piddled it all back in. From there we decide to have lunch in downtown Manistee. We like supporting the local businesses, because like most towns, there's a lot of closed business here too. We had a nice lunch and headed back to the campground, where it had actually got a bit better out. No rain, but still cold. We bundled up and took a walking tour of the 3 campgrounds. We like to see what types of rv's there are besides us. The biggest mo-ho we saw was a Phaeton by Tiffin. Looked to be 40 ft with 4 slides. Nice! After our walk, we returned to the mo-ho for dinner and movies.
Sunday morning was pretty nice. Finally sunny, though cool. 52 out, but we bundled up and went for our morning coffee walk. Then we decided to go on a hike. We've done the light house hike, the skyline hike before, so this time we chose the lost lake hike. Here's some pics from that one...

The hike made us hungry, so into town we went to eat at James Street Brewery. We've eaten here on previous trips. It's a neat old building, and they have very good food. I had an Asian Salmon Sandwich with a tasty Asian barbecue sesame sauce. Yum! Craig had a beef and Cheddar that looked good also.

Then we got the Sunday paper, and back to the campground. Later, we went for a bike ride to see how many people had left. Usually, by Sunday afternoon, the campgrounds are pretty empty, as most campers go on the weekends, but this one filled right back up by evening. This is a popular park!

With a late lunch, we decided on kielbasas for dinner.

Monday morning had us breaking camp, and heading back to Lansing. It is normally about a 3 hour drive, but the trip back was delayed by an accident, (by time we got to the actual site, it had been cleaned up)and 2 different construction zones. So a little more than 4 hours. But that's why we try and leave early.

So, we got there and back without any issues. Another good trip. :-)


  1. Glad you guys had such a good time. I love the forest pictures. :)

  2. Great pictures. I too like the sound of the rain on the MoHo roof.