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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

it's not quite over, and what do you think

Good morning.
The weather has been cool, but sunny. It rained all night Sunday night, but quit by morning. I've accomplished a lot during the last 2 days. I now have about 85% of the yard cut back. All that's left is some late blooming perennials and all the grasses.
Here's whats still blooming.....
A pretty l\plant called Toad Lilly. Above a closer view of the tiny flowers.

Above, Monkshood. Because each individual flower resembels the hoon on a monks robe. Below. Japanese anemones.
So even though most of the yard is tired looking and mostly done for the season, there's still a few spots of color. :-)
And for our anniversary, we went out to lunch yesterday. We decided on Finlay's. I had their famous ribs, and Craig had their American Cheeseburger. Both were very good.
And we're in the process of deciding on new dryer chairs for the Salon.
We have a couple of styling chairs that have cracks in the vinyl seats. The seats are the same ones we have on the dryer chairs. Soooo, I want to swap the dryer chair seats for the cracked styling chairs. Styling chairs are about twice the cost of dryer chairs, so it makes sense to get new dryer chairs instead. Her's are 3 choices......

And C....
I like C with the chrome handles, Craig likes A with the ribbed back. What do you think?


  1. davidz7:50 AM

    Definitely C...the chrome gives it a kind of retro look...

  2. Wow. They're funny looking. :P
    I'm no help. I like B. ;)

    Your yard still looks great! :)

  3. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I like C too (sorry Craig). I don't know what your styling chairs look like but it would be nice if they looked similar. If all 3 are the same price, the chrome arms look more expensive.


  4. The toad lilies are lovely!

  5. a and b look like desk chairs. I like c. C requires more cleaning of fingerprints though.