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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Good morning.
Yesterday was mostly a wash-out. Drizzly rain, off and on all day.
Sooo, I spent a good part of it cleaning out the garage. That seems to be the accumulating point for everything. But I got it cleaned and straightened, and a car full of stuff I'm dropping off at Goodwill. Now Craig has room to park the Kia when the snow starts flying.
Craig did pick up his new glasses. And of course, balked at letting me take his pick for the blog. :-)
Today, I'm calling our electrical guy to replace a couple of sodium lights on the outside of the Salon. I think the sensors have fogged over too bad and the lights stay on most of the time., except one that keeps going on and off. I've tried cleaning them, but they're just too bad. And I know, "isn't that the landlord's job?" But anyone who's rented commercial space knows it's like pulling teeth to get any money out of them. And by the time they did get around to it, it would be spring, and the days are rapidly getting shorter, and the girls need dependable lighting at night.
Sooo, with that, its time to get ready for another work week. Looking pretty decent so far.


  1. My hubby frowned when I took his pic for my cell phone. So I see him when he calls. Then one day he had my phone with him at work and decided he didn't like his frowning picture. Now I have a smiling pic of him. He took his own picture to replace his frowny one. And he doesn't like having his picture taken, either. ;-)

    Craig's glasses look pretty good!

    Sorry to hear about your landlord. Hope the repairs aren't too expensive. Can you deduct it as a business expense?

  2. Craig looks wonderful and should stop worrying about photos!