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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It fits like a glove

Good morning.
Well, we survived our Christmas without a fridge, at least in the house.  :-) And fortunately, the weather was quite mild for Christmas, no snow and mid 30's, so trekking back and forth to the mo-ho was no big deal. 
Monday morning, I prepared to receive our new fridge. I cleaned out the old one, disconnected the water line, and put down floor covers to protect the carpet. Then I needed to move the Honda out of the garage. The door to the garage is 3 ft wide, wider than the entry door, and a straight shot to the kitchen. Well, it was dead. It's only been sitting for a month. I didn't think the battery would go that soon. But called Northside towing, and sure enough, just a dead battery. He jumped it and I was good to go. After of course, a $50 fee.
I had Craig take it out on the highway to charge up the battery. The delivery guy said they'd be here between 1 and 3. I got the dolly, and with Craig's help, got the old fridge out to the garage. I figured the more I got done, the quicker the delivery would be. To our surprise, they arrived right at 1pm.
Now this fridge was 2 inches higher, and 2 inches wider than the old one, but I measured and figured it'd be tight, but would fit. They got the fridge in the kitchen, hooked up the water line and made sure it worked, and proceeded to put the fridge in place. It wouldn't go in. I hadn't realized, the upper cabinets apparently were a fraction of an inch farther right, than the lower cabinets. The delivery guy said removing the quarter round from the baseboard should do the trick. I got some tools, removed the quarter round, and sure enough, it slid right in. Fits like a glove as you can see in these pics.

Craig dug out the old paper work, and the old fridge was 21 cu ft. and the new one is 25 cu ft. Didn't really need more room, but this one was cheaper than the 21 cu ft they had at the store by over $150, so we went with the larger one. At least it fits.  :-)  Interestingly, Craig had in the old papers, the first fridge was bought in 2000, and cost more than this fridge. We also bought that one from Lowe's, and back then, they charged for delivery, and removal of the old one. This time, it was all included.  :-)
I spent the rest of the afternoon, getting everything back to the way it was. 
By dinner time, the freezer was already at 0 and making ice, but the fridge section was only at 55.
This morning, the fridge is at 40, so I can move the stuff from the mo-ho back. It'll be nice to have some order again.  :-)

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