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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Good morning, and Merry Christmas!
I've just returned from cleaning the salon. I know, it's Christmas, and I shouldn't be working, but Sunday is the best day to clean.  :-)
Saturday ended on a light note with me getting out of the Salon early. We spent part of the afternoon appliance shopping, and the rest of the afternoon relaxing, and watching movies. We saw Chipwrecked with Alvin and the chipmunks, which Craig thought was good, I thought it was stupid boring. And we watched Aurthur Christmas, which we both liked. Had a light dinner of roast beef sandwiches and guacamole and chips. Wanted to make sure we're good and hungry for our turkey dinner on Christmas.
Normally, Craig and I don't exchange presents on Christmas. Haven't done that in quite a few years. But this year is different. This is what we got.....
Yep. A new refrigerator. Not because we wanted one, but because we had to get one. Craig had noticed a few days ago, the ice cubes weren't freezing solid. I figured the ice maker was going bad. Then we noticed some items in the freezer weren't frozen solid. I got the thermometers out of the mo-ho and discovered the freezer was only at about 33, and the fridge was at 55. Just a bit higher than the recommended 5 and 40.
  I pulled out the fridge and vacuumed the back and underneath, hoping it was just dust clogging up the condenser. I went out and turned on the mo-ho fridge, and transferred the thawing turkey and and as much stuff as I could get into the small mo-ho fridge. I took out all the semi-frozen stuff and put it in our chest freezer. I waited overnight, and still no improvement.  Soooo, on Christmas eve, we went out to Lowe's, who was having an appliance sale, lucky us, and bought another fridge. They have next day delivery, except, of course, on Christmas day, so it'll be delivered on Monday.
So today, we'll have to run back and forth to the mo-ho to fix our turkey dinner. At least we have the mo-ho here to help out.  :-)
Now it's time to wake up Craig and get our Christmas day going!


  1. Merry Christmas. Sounds like it is going to be a busy one.

  2. Wow! Fancy. Merry Christmas refrigerator to you!

  3. A Christmas fridge. Maybe better in red and white stripe?