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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday post

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon, again.  :-)
Our daytime temps are hovering around the mid 30's, so even though we've had a little snow, the streets are staying fairly clear.
And after 2 days in the Salon, the reviews are in. 90% of the customers like the new dryer chairs.  :-)
The main downside is the seats are a couple of inches higher than the old ones, so customers with short legs end up dangling from the seats.  And with the seats higher, the hood of the dryer isn't high enough for taller customers. I can fix both those issues with a small stool for the short customers, and I'll put wood 'lifts' under 2 of the hood units,  so they'll be higher. All in all, happy with them.  :-)
Saturday ended up my busiest day of the week, so when I got home, I relaxed and played on the puter. The comforter I'd been watching had come down in price some more. It was now down to $54 for a king. I had cashed in points from one of my credit cards for a Kohl's gift card. It was $50. So the final charge for the comforter, $7.42. I think that's a good buy.  :-)
I couldn't figure out how to copy the pic of the comforter, so here's a link to it.
 And Craig made tasty barbecue turkey sandwiches for dinner, and we watched the first 2 episodes of this seasons Hot in Cleveland I got off the net.
Now time for my shower and to get Craig up.


  1. Hope you have/had a good time with Mom today! :-)

    so when I got him, I relaxed and played on the puter. The comforter I'd been watch had come down in price some more.

    Got to love computers. ;-)

    You guys enjoy your weekend!

  2. Pretty comforter. Manly. :-)