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Thursday, December 15, 2011

our new dryers

Good evening.
I got out of work a bit earlier than usual, so I had some extra time to do a post.  :-)
We didn't get our new dryer chairs on Wednesday as promised. The scheduled time for delivery came and went. I didn't think to take the freight companies number to work, so I couldn't call them to find out what was going on. I dug out the invoice from the company I ordered it form 5 weeks ago, to find my contact info was only my home phone #, so if they had trouble finding us, they couldn't get a hold of us.  When i arrived home, sure enough, there was a message on my answering machine from them stating they couldn't find our address and to call them. I'm thinking, with bing maps on the Internet, and GPS devices, how can a shipping company not be able to locate an address?
So I called them back and fortunately they was someone still in the office. I gave them my business phone and simple directions to find the Salon.  They said I'd receive the chairs today.
And they did arrive around noon. This big truck pulls up, a guy comes in and asks where we wanted them. I said right in the reception area would be fine. He said there was an indoor delivery fee. I just stood there looking at him thinking he's joking. He wasn't. I said put them outside the door. I didn't even ask him how much the fee was. I wasn't paying a dime since I already paid $140.00 for shipping to begin with. It ended out working fine. During my breaks, I opened each one and brought them inside, swapped the dryers out of the old chairs, and put the new chairs in place. Here's the before and after .....

The new dryer chairs are a bit larger, and more comfy. We're very happy with them. The rounded base sits farther under the seat, so they should get kicked less from peoples heels.
And to answer John's comment. We did look into having the swapped dryers reupholstered, but each quote came in nearly as high as new chairs. That was because of the extra labor involved. The old dryer chairs had separate pads on the arms, a separate back, the seat, and the base, which was getting scuffed and ripped and needed to be recovered also. It's a shame, because structurally, they were in good shape.
Anyway, that's done and behind us now.
And we gave the Salon staff a little Christmas happiness. Beside their weekly rent, (yes, our stylists are self employed, and rent their stations from us) there's a $4 a week fee that goes into a Salon fund. The money from there goes to pay for things everyone uses such as coffee supplies, magazines, shampoo for the back bar, laundry detergent, etc. This year, as the year comes to a close, we have to zero out the fund. We had enough surplus to let everyone get a weeks rent free.
And with that, I'm off to get me some dinner. Nothing fancy tonight. No leftovers from last weekend. So it's frozen dinners, which I actually like.  :-)


  1. That's a nice Christmas gift.
    Have a great evening!

  2. They look nice, very modern.

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I don't blame you for refusing the additional delivery charge. That's ridiculous!
    It's like a friend of mine that bought a pool table. The game room is on the second level and when the delivery guy's came they charged an additional dollar per step to take it up. I'm sure it was only $15-$16 dollars...but, it's the principle of it.
    My friend's couldn't carry it themselves so they had to pay it or leave it in the entry.
    You'd think they would clarify the special provisions when making the appointment for delivery, but I guess they got tired of listening to irate people. LOL