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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

and back to work I go

Good morning.
Well, yesterday was another day off, and another day I accomplished little.  :-)
Mailed out a few Christmas cards, and spent a good part of the day loafing.  :-)
I received a call from the freight company, stating our new dryer chairs are to be delivered today. They were supposed to be delivered next Monday. That would have been better, since we only have 2 people working on Mondays. But today, there will be 5, maybe 6 of us there. I'll have to figure out where to put them so it doesn't disrupt the Salon too much until I have time to work on them.
You see, we have 7 styling chairs and 4 dryer chairs. We have 2 styling chairs where the seats are cracking and need to be replaced. They don't make this style of chair anymore. 4 dryer chairs are cheaper to buy than 7 styling chairs. The dryer chairs have the same 'seat' that the styling chairs have. So I need to have time to 'swap' the seats from the dryer chairs to the styling chairs.
There's 4 bolts that hold the styling chair to it's base, and 2 bolts that hold the foot rest.
I'll figure it out somehow.  :-)
I wanted to wait until after the busy holiday season, but Craig said we need to have them purchased before the end of the year for bookkeeping and tax purposes.
It'll work out. Somehow.
And that's all I've got for now. It's looking to be another busy week, so time to go...


  1. Good luck! Have a great day!

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Once you figure it out-- And now that you have "Spare Parts" you might want to talk to a local upholsterer, and see if they can be recovered... Surely more cost effective than buying new chairs...