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Friday, January 06, 2012


Good morning.
Our mild winter continues.  :-)
Since that rude November storm, we haven't had enough snow since to get out the shovel.  :-)
It's suppose to hit 45 today before dropping back in the 30's. But then later next week, back near 40 again. That means another week of no snow.  :-)
It could stay like this the rest of the winter, but I'm sure it won't. But it will, hopefully, make for a shorter winter.  :-)
The Salon has been slow this week, with all our snow-birds having flown south for the winter. But I'm booked today, and working later than normal,  so that will  make up for a slower Wed. and Thur.
And with that, time to go.....


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    We had a few inches down here early in the week, but it's going up to nearly 50 today. Not complaining :D

  2. Very mild. Super mild. Here too. I had the window down in the Soul yesterday!