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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday post.

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the salon.....again..... :-)
We've been having great weather for Michigan.  :-) No snow, mid 30's to upper 30's, and even some sun!  :-) It's been a very mild winter. So far.....
Both Craig and I had a short Saturday, so after work, we went downtown to the Lansing City Market.
They tore down the old one a few years ago so a developer could have river frontage for a new project he wants to build, and built this smaller new one next to it. I was against giving public owned river front property to a private developer, but I don't live in the city, so I had no say.
Anyway, we'd been there just once after it opened, and wasn't impressed. They had just 2 produce vendors, a bunch of bread and pastry vendors, and a bunch of what looked like craft vendors. But being a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we thought we'd give it another try. They have 2 tiny parking lots and nary a spot open, but we did find one. Went inside, it was fairly busy, but we still were unimpressed with the selection. Sooo, we headed back to our side of town, and to Horrocks.
Horrocks started out as a small produce market, and over the years has grown into a unique store offering a huge variety of produce, cheeses, meats, deli items, wine, etc. I had gotten a gift certificate for them, and was dying to spend it.  :-)
They were of course very busy for a Saturday afternoon, but I had no problem amassing $50 worth of goodies.  
Back home, while I played on the puter, Craig diced green onions, lettuce and tomatoes, for taco's for dinner. After dinner, I made up a batch of oven fried zucchini sticks.

They hit the spot! We didn't have any marinara sauce for dipping, so we tried lite creamy Caesar dressing. They were tasty!
We ejoyed them with a Hot in Cleveland marathon of the first 6 episodes of the 4th season.
And now, time for a shower, and wake up lazy bones.  :-)


  1. Enjoy your weekend! :)

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  3. Mmmmm,the zucchini sticks looks yummy!