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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We found a keeper

Good morning.
Another weekend over, but it was a nice weekend. We kept the mild temps around 40.  :-) This has been one of the mildest winters we've had in a while. And that's fine with me!  :-)   We've only had that one big dump in November where we had enough snow for me to clear the driveway. Any other snow we've had, has been just a dusting. That may change by Friday, as a system is coming through that might drop a few inches. We'll see.

Craig spent most of the weekend on the Business's books. He's got most everything done he needed to do. He's a happy camper.  :-)
I stayed out of his way, and cleaned, vacuumed, and made a batch of turkey broth from the carcases of the first 2 turkeys we had.
I also placed an online order for Salon supplies and ran the generator on the mo-ho, and checked the water level in the house batteries.
We also tried a couple of new dishes. Monday, I had Craig try a dish called veggie noodle bake. It had a lot of veggies, some penne pasta, and assorted cheeses. Craig like the cheesy flavor, but was overall, unimpressed with the dish. Not a keeper. Tuesday, he tried another dish, Mushroom Lasagna. It was a hit! Here's a happy Craig fixing the dish....
Yes, at this point he'd had a couple of cocktails to make him more camera friendly.  :-)
It was a bit more work than Craig likes to put into a meal, but he liked it sooo much, he said it's a keeper.  :-)  And we even had enough for leftovers!
And today, it's back to work. It's looking fairly busy this week.


  1. What's going on with your turkey broth? Clue me in. :)
    House batteries? What batteries in your house need water? What have I missed? *rubs chin*
    And what's up with your water heater? Any clues?

    Have a good day! :-)

  2. I'm not sure I know what you mean when you say what's going on with your turkey broth.
    I take the left over carcases we froze from the first 2 turkeys we had for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Add them to a big pot of water, along with veggie scraps we saved and froze. Boil that for a few hours to release all the flavor, and you end up with nice rich thick broth. We freeze them in pint containers, and thaw them we we need them. We use the broth for making mashed potatoes and boiling veggies, or rice. Makes a tasty substitute for water. :-)
    The motor home, besides the engine battery, has 2 'house' batteries. They power the lights in the motor home.
    We've put off replacing the water heater until spring. Since the colder weather, we haven't had any problems venting into the house, and don't have the extra $2000 for a closed system water heater right now. :-)

  3. Cocktails + Craig = awesome photos.

  4. Oh and that lasagna looks divine!

  5. Anonymous8:40 AM

    How do you keep your coach house batteries from freezing in the winter?