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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

bad tire and ugly bugs

Good morning.
As expected, Sunday was pretty much an easy go kinda day. I did manage to clean the bathroom, but not much else. Craig cooked a pork roast in the slow cooker for pulled pork sandwiches on Monday. He also did his usual bookwork and laundry.
Back on Saturday, Craig was leaving for work, and the car was making a funny sound. He turned around, got back home to discover his rear tire on his PT Cruiser was totally flat, so he drove his Honda to work.
Sunday was cold and windy, so he decided to wait until Monday to check it out. I went out Monday morning, and attempted to refill the tire to see if he could drive it to the tire repair place. I got it about half full, and it wouldn't fill any fuller. I physically felt around the tire to see if I could find a nail or something. Here's what I found.....
A spike had gone through the bottom of the tire, and out the sidewall. Probably from driving on it when it was flat.  :-(  And there would be no fixing the tire with the side wall damaged. Soooo, we took the back tires off the car, and put his summer driving tires on. They won't be as good in the snow, but since his car is front wheel drive, it shouldn't be that much of an issue. And his summer tires have real good tread, since they were new just 1 1/2 years ago. And, hopefully, our mild winter continues, and we won't have much more snow. Craig doesn't feel like buying new tires right now.
Which by the way, our mild winter has continued. It's been a bit colder the last couple of days, but the forecast has us up in the low 40's later this week.
Also, while we were out doing our Monday morning running around, I picked up a bag of Triazicide to spread around the outside foundation. Our house is on a slab, and somehow, we keep getting those little, I call them, pill bugs, in our house. We usually only get them in the spring, when it's damp out, but with our mild winter, we've seen them earlier this year. The Triazicide does a good job at keeping them away. I have no clue how they're getting in. I've checked and checked around the doors and foundation. Must be a hairline crack in the slab somewhere. Fortunately, they need moist dark areas and die pretty quick. I'd post a pick, but they're really gross. Click on the link if you want to see them.
Anyway, I also went out to see if the pussy willow's were in bloom. They usually come out in mid-March, but I thought they might be early with our mild winter. But no, they're not out yet.They somehow know it's not spring.  :-)
And that's all I've got for now....


  1. Roly polys I always called them. haha.
    Sorry to hear about the tire. We've started saving for new tires for the truck. Ugh.

    Hope your weekend is going well otherwise!

  2. I remember pill bugs but never knew their name.