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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the final weekend report

Good morning.
Yesterday was our usual Monday, although it was Tuesday.  :-)  Since Monday was Presidents Day, the banks were closed, so we did our usual Monday banking on Tuesday.  :-)
We also stopped at Fed-X Office, and faxed Craig's prescription. He takes generic Zetia for his cholesterol, and they don't have the generic Zetia here, so we have to get it from Canada. Regular Zetia is $100 a month here, and he can get the generic version for $13 a month. A big difference since we don't have prescription coverage.
Anyway, with our running around done, back home I got the cleaning bug, (which is good since the house really needed it).  :-) And I dusted and vacuumed. Craig made a batch of broth from the last turkey carcas and bags of vegi trimmings.
In the pot it all goes....
Let it simmer for hours.....
strain, divide and chill in an ice bath....
and cool in the fridge before freezing.
It results in a nice tasty broth. You could use it for soup base, but we don't eat much soup, so we use it as a water subsitute for mashed potatoes, rice and what ever else you use water in cooking. Adds a little extra flavor to dishes.  :-)
I'm heading into work early today. My first customer is at 8am, and I want to clean more of the ceiling grid. I'm just over 3/4 done. If I go in early all week, I should be able to finish it all.
Also my eye is prety much back to normal, although I'm still using warm compresses. There's just a slight bump left. Hopefully by the end of the week, that will be gone.
And with that, I'm off......    :-)

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  1. Hope you have/had a great day, Bro!