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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's over....again

Good morning.
Another weekend over, again, and our mild winter continues.  :-)
Should be in the mid 30's all week. It's mid February, and I've cleared the driveway just 4 times so far.  :-)
Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal. Did our usual banking, P.O. and grocery shopping. Back home, we looked into some other places for camping this summer. Haven't decided on all the weekends yet.
We have a CD maturing soon. Spent some time online looking at rates. Our current CD is earning 5.45 %. The best I can find for a 5yr CD right now is 2.35% Ouch! Oh well.
Craig has started feeling better, and I think he'll be good to go to work today. I'm pretty much back to normal. Even my eye is looking normal again.  :-)
Also, I'm going into work early today, My first customer isn't until 10am, but I've got some maintenance work to do. Our back metal door is rusting through near the bottom. I had to put tape across it to keep the cold air from blowing in. We picked up a kick plate this past weekend, and I'll install that this morning to 'patch' the door. I also got a new sweep to add to the bottom.
So, with that, it's time for my shower and head out of here....


  1. Sounds like a fun day. Glad to hear you're all doing better!

  2. Yikes, I quote CD rates all day and they are terrible right now. The most Wells has is like 1.25%