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Thursday, February 16, 2012

my repair job

Good morning.
Here's the before and after pics of the door I 'patched'. 

It was an easier job than I expected. Next, I need to sand down the lower door frame and bondo it and repaint. But that will have to wait for warmer weather, as I'll need the door open to do a good job.
It was a very slow day at the salon yesterday, but the phones rang, and I'm pretty much booked for the rest of the week.
I did manage, between customers, to go to Gordon's for salon supplies. That will save me from doing it on my day off.
And with that, it's time for my shower.


  1. It looks great for sure!

    Have a great week! :)

  2. Hi, Wayne! Your sister sent me to check out your '07 post on the Petoskey Stone after she read about my Mozarkite find. It's cool that you both found one. I had no idea you could polish a stone with sand paper, either. I figured you needed a tumbler and all that equipment you see in rock shops. Nice job on the door, BTW!